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Here at McCoubrey - Hinds, we appreciate that every will must be tailored to the individual. That's why we provide a special will drafting service for older people, to provide extra assistance to those who need it.


We draft wills and act as lasting power of attorney holders when asked of us.

 •  Registration in the Office of the Public


 •  Protect lasting power of attorney

 •  Receive impartial guidance and support

 •  A personal yet professional approach

 •  Experienced and qualified lawyers


If you are old, need to get your financial affairs in order and do not know whom to trust, we are the people to contact. Lasting power of attorney allows the Power of Attorney holder to make tough decisions on your behalf.

For your peace of mind, book an appointment now on:

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Service for older clients:

Lasting power of attorney

It's important that your hard-earned equity remains in safe hands, even after you've gone. That's why we provide complete guidance and advice regarding preparing valid wills, getting them registered, and even act as executors for wills, if you wish.

Wills and inheritance