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Our solicitors at McCoubrey - Hinds in Bangor have experience in handling all aspects of criminal law including murder charges, fraud cases and speeding offences.


We provide legal advice on a wide range of criminal offences from simple cases of fraud to serious ones such as murder. We also undertake cases of motoring and speeding offences.

 •  Initial consultation

 •  Case study

 •  24 hour police station advice

 •  Case preparation

 •  Assessment of evidence

 •  Representation in the court of law

McCoubrey - Hinds specialises in serious criminal cases involving offences against person and property. Whether you are the victim or an accused, our experienced criminal lawyers undertake all cases of criminal defence.

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A comprehensive service:

Serious criminal offences

If you've sustained an injury at work or in public, you may be liable for compensation. Our criminal lawyers will be able to help you with all aspects of litigation. For more information, check out the relevant page.

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